Spring is coming and the dreaded mosquitoes will be back. Just the other day, it was a surprising 65 degrees in North Carolina – in February. I was so excited to dig out my hedge trimmers and to sculpt my hedges knowing I would not get bitten by mosquitoes. You know those people who step outside and the mosquitoes just attack? In my family of five, only my son and I are this way. He and I could be outside for 30 minutes and have 30 mosquito bites. It’s like they have this dastardly strategy to line up at one per minute and attack. It’s so bad that I dread going outside in the spring and summer because of the bites.

So my company is a multi-franchise group with two outdoor living franchises – which just became 3!! Now we offer mosquito spray!!!!!! I can’t tell you what my son and I would go through to find mosquito sprays that didn’t smell bad but still worked. This spray mists your whole yard and you don’t have to put on any individual spray. Finally, we will be able to eat outdoors and garden and play on the trampoline without worrying about bites. Bring on the Spring!