We’ve all heard so much about blogging and social media marketing. But Linda just went to the IFA conference and heard so much about it that our management team decided to join in as authors. We talked about how blogging can really help with franchise recruitment because it can also really help people in their decisions.

I’m the Interactive Marketing Manager for 3 three companies; Archadeck, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and Mosquito Squad, that are under our outdoor living franchise umbrella Outdoor Living Brands. Blogging can really help with franchise recruitment. It’s tough to filter through the buzz and just try to figure out if it’s a fleeting trend. It’s tough to decide if we should get on board just because everyone else is doing it. But I blog personally as well as for our businesses and I love reading blogs because they are more authentic and I can personally relate to the more in-depth personal information on blogs. It’s sort of like going to Amazon.com and reading the customer reviews. I like reading the corporate information as well as what real people are saying. Both are really important. We just had a conference call about sharing some of our thoughts  and everyday experiences  in working jointly with prospective franchise partners to see if the companies under our franchise umbrella are a fit for what they are looking for. It will be nice to impart some of this information on this site. I think blogging for franchise recruitment is going to work well for Archadeck, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and Mosquito Squad franchise recruitment. I look forward to watching it evolve.