I get tired of the constant message about how poor the economy is….we can’t get away from it – it is all around us on the Internet, TV and newspaper. I know that I am really tired of all of this constant negative messaging. I don’t know about you, but my company is refusing to participate in the recession.

In the last five months, despite the economic softness, my company has forged ahead. Call me stubborn, but we are determined to grow. We have completed two acquisitions of outdoor living oriented franchise companies. I am thrilled regarding the recent acquisition of Mosquito Squad.  With Archadeck designing beautiful outdoor living spaces and Outdoor Lighting Perspectives adding upscale lighting to these spaces, Mosquito Squad was a perfect fit to the family of companies to allow our clients to enjoy outdoor living insect free!  As the company’s leader, I know it is my responsibility to remain focused on the long-term despite the near term challenges. In fact, I couldn’t be more excited about the future! 

Our team is regularly having conversations with individuals concerned about their jobs, careers and family’s financial future.  I know our franchise systems are not right for everyone, but franchising is a fantastic way to get into business for yourself, but not by yourself.  Spring is a wonderful time of year as nature comes back to life and a renewed sense of optimism is created.  Maybe franchising is a path to your “spring” as you consider your career and financial future.