While working in my back yard, I personally have been annoyed, bitten, or stung by mosquitoes, flies, wasps and everything else under the sun. We wave them away from our cookouts and brush them off our arms and legs. But while these buzzing intruders will ruin an otherwise pleasant time outdoors, they’re more than a nuisance; they can be a danger, spreading disease to both people and pets. I have to be honest with you; prior to Outdoor Living Brands offering Mosquito Squad, I did not even know that there was a way to solve this problem… other than cutting down every tree and draining every non-maintained pool and puddle on your street. Mosquito Squad was created to resolve this problem reliably.

My wife and I have two dogs, Toby and Riley, that love to run around outside for hours when the weather is nice. As with any family with pets, we have always worried about fleas and ticks and treat them with different applications and shampoos to cover the problem. The problem is our yard! One of the wonderful aspects for our family is that the application from Mosquito Squad takes care of the flea and tick problem as well. When I look at how much I spend on pet care products and how many times I’ve gone out to eat because of the bugs around the grill, it is more than worth it.

One of Bill Gates’ charity organizations is dedicated to eradicating Malaria in poor countries. As an example of why this is so important, he released a jar full of mosquitoes into the room he was speaking to, while discussing the dangers. He later let them off the hook that these mosquitoes were disease free, but here in the Unites States, the number of cases of the West Nile Virus and Lyme Disease grows every year. Mosquito Squad is great for any active family that spends time playing, working or entertaining outside.