One of the defining issues I have found with any investment a family makes in the exterior living industry has been assessing needs versus wants. While homeowners typically want something spectacular regarding the aesthetics of their home, in the current economy, people are typically asking… “Do I need this?” This is a complex question, but I would like to take a stab at answering this as best I can.


If you have a deck or screened porch on your house right now, the needs associated with owning that deck are typically (1) Is it safe? (2) Has it been well maintained? (3) Was the original project installed and permitted correctly? In 2009, Archadeck has begun a Deck Inspection Initiative throughout the United States to answer that question. The catchphrase is simple- “Will It Hold Uncle Harry?”  For a nominal fee, an Archadeck representative will come to your house and evaluate the deck structure you currently own.


With over 28 years in the deck & porch industry, Archadeck has always been at the forefront of safety in outdoor living spaces. From improper installation of flashing to wobbling rail posts, the Archadeck representative will go through your existing deck with a fine toothed comb and then make some recommendations based on what they observe.


Knowing that your old deck may have had one too many seasons, before your next family cookout, you may want to ask yourself this question about your deck…


Will It Hold Uncle Harry?


The Archadeck business opportunity is available in select markets through the U.S. and Canada.