I remember hearing my father speaking of how he disliked his job, “but it keeps food on the table”. Because it provides a way, we settle into the routine that provides the means. As a franchise recruiter, the entrepreneurs I talk to often ask themselves “should I continue down this path, or is it a time for change?” I know that for me, and for many of us, it becomes easy to follow the same route day after day as it basically gets us where we are going.

Life was much simpler when our parents made the decisions and we simply indulged in the fruits of their labor. Now, I am the parent, and I have to make the best decisions for my family. My goal is not simply to “keep food on the table”, but find the right way to enjoy the labor as well as the fruit. As a franchise recruiter for the Outdoor Living Brands franchise business, a struggle I see people face each day is the decision to continue on the Corporate America path they embarked upon or to change course and “produce” their own fruit. I view starting your own business like planting a seed to produce your own fruit. For those who work for someone else, they control the fruit bowl – but if you plant your our own garden, you control the contents.

I was recently introduced to the book and movie Who Moved My Cheese. After watching the “movie”, all I could think was how this cute little animated movie was filled with valuable information. If you depend on one source “to keep food on the table”, what happens when that source is gone – in essence, when someone else decides to move your cheese? If you know what you want, consider ways of getting it, and then utilize the years of experience and systems of successful franchise business. owners. You may find that purchasing a franchise is the right thing for you. Follow the words of Henry David Thoreau “One is wise to cultivate the trees that bears fruit in our soul”.