My grandmother was a doer.   She had no patience for laziness, negative attitudes, excuses, and certainly not procrastination.  Her name was Stella, in true to her name… Stella was a star!

Stella was one of the original Rosie the Riveter’s. Stella loved working, loved people, and loved business. Stella was a woman entrepreneur before her time. She ran her own delicatessen and provided financial security for her and her family long before the woman’s right movement made it popular and acceptable for such bold action. My grandmother was the first role model I had in the world of business. I can sum up in seven words the foundation of her success: “Don’t make a project out of it.”   This was one of her favorite sayings, and I continue to hear these seven words echo in my mind each and every day. These words have helped me in my businesses and throughout my life. My grandmother’s philosophy was that too often people procrastinate because they never get started. Instead of rolling up ones sleeves and tackling what needs to be done in order to make a dream reality, too often, we become overwhelmed and instead of action, we get stuck in making a project out of it. I certainly know this can be the case in my own behavior. However, her wise advice got me started thousands of times on initiatives both large and small.  an

When I look at a stack of dirty dishes, I hear her words: “Don’t  make a project out of it!”  I get started and the dishes soon become cleaned and put away.

When exhausted from a trip, and two days later still living out of my suitcases because I’ve not yet unpacked, I hear her words: ” Don’t make a project out of it!”  I begin unpacking and soon my suitcases are restored to this top shelf of my closet to await my next adventure.

As President or CEO of several franchise organizations including Molly Maid, CMIT Solutions, Liberty Fitness and Weight Loss, and VL Service Corp.,  the words “Don’t make a project out of it”!  have gotten me started on huge initiatives that most likely would have been stalled if not for her wise advice.

Even big projects like starting or  building a business to a new level of success began with the art  of beginning. With all the negative news about our economy right now, positive action is still common sense. I continue to make my living in franchising and I am very proud of this fact. I have heard it said, that the word franchise is derived from a French word that translates to “to be set free”.   A franchise  is a proven system that when followed, brings success.  Franchise owners are business owners who focus on controlling their own destiny by following a proven system.   The system helps “set be set free”  to succeed.   Each franchise has their own system.  The key to the franchise owner’s success is to follow the system.  How does one do that?  By getting started and remembering “Don’t make a project out of it!”