Everyone I know is busy! Busy making to do lists, busy transporting their kids from one event to another, busy doing chores, planning meetings, makes sales calls, returning phone calls, keeping up with email…the business of business and of life never seems to end.  Often at the end of a day, I find that many of us “busy people” are exhausted  by the energy being busy zaps out of us.

There are certainly days in my own life when I have certainly been kept busy, but I am not sure what I have actually accomplished.  There are other days when I can proudly examine my planned to do list and smile as I check off most of the tasks before retiring for the night. The little things that come at us each day can indeed fill the day.  But the real meaningful things in life, I find take more than just being busy, they take the art of making time. Making time for friends, making time to investigate a new career or perhaps owning a business, making time to visit my parents, and making time to spend an uninterrupted evening with my husband, are some examples.

As a consultant, I have the pleasure of working with a great Outdoor Living franchise company of brands. My friends at Archadeck, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives, and Mosquito Squad, provide services that allow families and friends to enjoy their own backyard more as they take time for one another.  I believe that is a good thing. Build it, light it, and keep those nasty mosquitoes away so that you can enjoy it once you have.  I like that, I like that a lot.

I am always grateful for making the time to spend with family and friends.  I am rewarded by making time to renew my own energy when I exercise, eat healthy, and do things I enjoy doing such as reading a great book, listening to my favorite music, or traveling.  In fact, I love doing these things much more than doing chores during my weekends or any free time I may have in the evening after a busy day as a business owner.

There are numerous service franchises that give busy people time, so they can get serious about “making time” for the important things in life. Spring Green can take care of your lawn, Archadeck will build that porch, gazebo, or deck, Molly Maid can clean your home, Exciting Windows can address that bare window once and for all, Service Master will clean your carpeting, Handyman Matters will fix that squeaky ceiling fan, …and the list continues.  There are many great franchises, wonderful businesses that can do the chores so that you can focus on “making time”.  Another reason, I love the world of franchising! Come to think of it, my windows really do need to be cleaned, I best jot myself a note to call Fish Window Cleaning Services in the morning.