Business leaders and business owners are expected to be positive and upbeat people, right? Right.  After all, it is not very exciting to follow someone who is second guessing their own ability, their product, service, and consistently fearful about the future.  We are all called to leadership in one way or another.  As leaders and as business owners, we are expected to be self motivated and to motivate others through our leadership.  But who motivates the motivator?

I have found that it is essential for me to seek out ways to keep myself self motivated.  If I don’t fuel this very essential element to my leadership ability, seldom do I find someone else running up to me to get that job done.

Here are 13 things that help motivate me as a motivator:

  1. Starting my day with an attitude of gratitude.  Giving thanks to God for what is right in my life and my business.
  2. Writing 3-5 notes of appreciation or encouragement each day.
  3. Calling and talking with at least one person each day who believes in me and expects me to succeed.
  4. Getting outside for a walk or a run early in the morning.
  5. Eating healthy.
  6. Getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night. (It is hard to stay motivated when you are exhausted!)
  7. Listening to my favorite music.
  8. Reading a chapter a day from motivational book or listening to a motivational CD that contains ideas of substance.
  9. Journaling.
  10. Keeping a success log and updating it each week.
  11. Shutting off the television (seriously, how much good news are we getting and how motivated are you from watching it?)
  12. Taking the one day at a time philosophy: Just for today, I will approach every situation I face in a motivated and positive way, expecting the best.
  13. I schedule  something that brings me joy each day: A walk, favorite music, a great movie, lunch with a friend… yes, leaders need to take time to play and recharge in order to stay motivated. Even if is for just 30 minutes a day.  I find that doing something that I choose to do, knowing it brings me joy, is essential each day.

Come to think of it, I have had to learn how to become self-motivated at the art at staying self-motivated!  One person that continues to make a huge impression on me in this field is Zig Ziglar. One time a man commented to Zig that motivation never really lasts very long.  Mr. Ziglar’s response: “Neither does taking a bath, but I still suggest you do it on a regular basis!”  This truth makes me smile to this day.