Spring is definitely my favorite time of year.  Everywhere I look, nature reminds me of new beginnings and fresh starts.  The perennials in the garden that were dead looking sticks are now sprouting leaves in abundance. Also abundant are buds of spectacular flowers that are certain to blossom.  The birds begin singing at the break of dawn each morning as they busily fly back and forth tending their nests filled with their latest arrivals.  I noticed the deer in the field looking plumper than usual when my husband pointed out that several were getting ready to welcome a fawn.  New beginnings are all around me, and when I take time to notice, I find myself being awed and inspired.  I am motivated to begin again, to stretch and do new things as well as adopt a new and better attitude as I approach each day.

Spring comes at a perfect time.   About three months after New Years which is also about three months following the date of my New Year’s resolutions.  Some of my resolutions I am on track with and some not so much.  I had lunch with a friend and shared my realization of how Spring is another time for new beginnings and an opportunity to begin again on those “resolutions” made about three months ago.  She admitted to feeling a little discouraged because like me (like many of us) the goals she made on the first of January were quickly being placed on the back shelf because…well just because.  It was from talking with my friend that I realized I was not alone.  Most of us get off track in the pursuit of the goals we made with the best of intentions just months ago.

No more of that, Spring is another reason for a new beginning!   What would you like to begin?  A healthier diet? Better exercise? Start your own business? Build the deck of your dreams,? Investigate franchising? Take piano lessons? Spend more time with your family? Stop procrastinating?

This is your life and you are always worth a new beginning!  Helen Keller quoted said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.”  Sign me up!