I recently returned from a weeks vacation on Cancun, Mexico.  While boarding the plane on my way there, I thought it would be a good break to get away from the consistent conversations I engage in regarding the economy here in the US , the potential merits of the stimulus package, and concerned friends who seek my advice regarding “should I stay or should I go?” topics concerning their employment.  Instead, what I found around the pool and at the beach were the same types of conversations only more intense!

You see, most of the people vacationing at our resort are  executives with their families also from the US.  The majority, came there to escape the last remains of the cold weather from the midwest or eastern states this time of year.  Some had already been laid off, several feared losing their jobs, and others discussed a desire to simply do something they really loved and talked about dreams of owning their own business.  I guess this is not unusual.  Time on the beach to think, really think, brings many things to the surface.

Since my husband and I have been going to the same resort for over 12 years to enjoy our time share, many remember that I have been involved in franchising for almost 25 years.  Another reason why I am certain people confide in me concerning weighing out such “should I stay or should I go” questions.

I enjoy listening to people and hearing what they have to say about their plans, fears, goals, strengths, and dreams.  I have been told that I am easy to talk to about such matters and I take this as a sincere complement and also a responsibility not to be taken lightly.  Regardless of the economy, it is normal to be fearful when contemplating change in one’s career.  It is even more normal to experience fear when seriously contemplating becoming your own boss and starting your own business.   Of course, such decisions must be weighed out carefully.  The good news is that for those who decide to go for it do not have to go for it alone.  Franchising can be a wonderful go to destination for those who answer go to the “Should I stay or should I go” question.  Brand recognition, proven systems, outstanding training and a support system that will be with you for the life of your business.  

I encourage anyone who has wrestled with the “Should I stay or should I go?” question for more than three months to explore franchising.  My friends at Outdoor Living Brands have three wonderful concepts with a great support team and proven experience.  They are one of many organizations I highly recommend to check out.

I also recommend two books:  The E-myth Revisited, by Michael Gerber , and Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway by Susan Jeffers, Phd.