As I sit here on this warm, rainy evening, I can’t help but think about all the nooks and crannies collecting water around my property. From our potted plants to dimples on the crinkled grill cover. Tomorrow I will casually go around, turning  pots over, shaking out covers and preventing my land from becoming an itchy, annoying, mosquito breeding ground.

But in the current economy, there is a bigger problem than just these puddles in my home; with two “for sale” signs on my street, there are large unmaintained areas teaming with mosquitoes that end up disturbing the entire neighborhood. While I wish this problem was unique to me, this is a major issue throughout the country, either from foreclosed or empty homes.

In our area we have a local Mosquito Squad office, protecting our property from the nusience and diseases caused by mosquitoes, fleas and ticks. By eliminating the food source and killing these pesky insects, we can enjoy these warm spring nights in Virginia, and entertain outside into the evening.

Mosquito Squad is one of the few businesses out there that fairs well in any economic climate. With 20 franchises across the country and growing, it may be just the type of business opportunity  you are looking for to begin controlling your economic destiny. It’s the right concept at the right time for business owners and familes. If you are looking to protect your outdoors or would like to investigate buying a business in your area, check it out at