Recently a particular article on CNN caught my eye. I do love when people coin new words – especially those that are tantalizingly discernable without a tremendous amount of research. But, as I read more about this new-coined word, I found it very interesting. Before I took it too seriously, I did a little research on the person who coined the term. His name is Dalton Conley. He’s a professor at NYU and is surprisingly young. I found this interesting article and also found a seemingly hilarious and interesting social study book of his on that I wishlisted.

Weisure is the mixing of work and leisure. This is my favorite article about the term. How many of us check our emails from home or on our i-phones? How many of us have traded up to a phone with web capability so we can get our emails from work? When was the last day you had a day off without hearing from work in some way, shape, or form? And, for most of us, this is an invited interruption. But, what about integrating your lifestyle into your work? The articles don’t talk much about that – probably because this flip-side of the coin is taboo. How many companies have written or are writing social media policies that prohibit checking social media sites throughout the day?

But, the world is a-changing. People are losing their jobs everywhere. And, those people who now may need to find jobs to supplement the family income are finding those jobs are nowhere to be found. People are re-evaluating what they really want in life. Registrations for college courses are skyrocketing. After all, if I’m going to really invest in my future, for many people this now means investing our own money. People are dipping into their savings to get by. So, if we have to worry constantly about job security, and dip into our savings to get by, why not invest in a better future? The fact is that having our corporate jobs has been the best training we can get to take our hard-earned experience and use it to take control over our futures. We’ve learned management skills, honed our people skills and refined our time-management skills. Now is the best time to take control of our futures and stop waiting for the axe to fall.

My entrepreneurial fire burned a few years ago and I started my own small business – an Internet retail business. The business did well for a couple years but a series of unfortunate events like the gulf war continued to erorde consumer confidence and therefore, sales. If I had to do it again, I would choose a business with a strong foundation both preceding and supporting me. I would start a business with a franchise company. With a franchise business, getting a strong, and tested, business model is such a small part of the package. But you get the ongoing support. That includes constant management support, business consulting, marketing materials, marketing consulting and so much more. But also, there’s so much to be said for having a cadre of field support in the other franchise owners in your system. Whether it be experienced owners for leadership and consulting or new owners for a sounding board, having a team of people doing the same job across the country, and truly not competing with you, is an asset that has such tremendous value.

If you’re considering a franchise, test out this network. Ask to speak with a couple franchise owners – both experienced and newer. You’ll be amazed how supportive the internal network is and also how knowledgable they are. Outdoor Living Brands has 3 great franchise companies with a nice range of start-up investment capital resources. Check out Mosquito Squad, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives and Archadeck franchise companies. They’re a great place to start your weisure entrepreneurial career.