As I follow Google news alerts on the keywords that surround our franchise businesses at Outdoor Living Brands, it seems that everyday lately a news feature appears on the Internet that makes me chuckle.

The Internet is filled with urban legends about how Lemon Fresh Joy dishwashing liquid, Avon Skin So Soft and Listerine mouthwash are just some of the household items that will help keep pesky mosquitoes away.

Not so much.

As the seriousness of mosquitoes spreading West Nile Virus and encephalitis in humans, and heartworms in dogs and cats exponentially increases, it’s time to take some serious action.

Mosquito Squad is an effective and dependable treatment that kills mosquitoes using an EPA-registered solution. Our clients enjoy barrier spray protection every 21 days as a Mosquito Squad professional fogs the area surrounding their home. Others choose Mosquito Squad’s 24/7 around the clock protection with the Mosquito Squad automatic misting system, with efficiently timed bursts throughout the landscape for continuous control.

To be even more diligent, we also recommend our clients to be proactive in avoiding situations, which can encourage mosquito activity. As female mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, it makes good sense to also take simple, preventive measures to keep mosquitoes at bay, for example:

Empty collected residual water in flowerpots, pet water bowls, swimming pool covers and other seasonal items left outdoors.

Clean out clogged gutters as collected water can produce large numbers of mosquitoes each season.

Aerate ornamental pools (air movement is a strong deterrent) or stock them with fish. Water gardens can become large mosquito hotbeds if they are allowed to become stagnant.

For more information on Mosquito Squad, call 877-MOSQUAD to speak with the mosquito control professional in your neighborhood. If there isn’t one yet, and you would like to find out how you can become one, call Outdoor Living Brands at 800-722-4668 and ask for Franchise Recruitment. On the web, you can visit or