I am a big believer in goals.  I set them at the beginning of each year and review my progress at least once a year.  I also make sure to really evaluate my direction at the halfway point of every year.  Guess what?  The halfway point is here.

How am I doing?  Well, that depends on the category.  I will share a few simple examples.

Let’s see… Lose 10 pounds?  Not quite, but at least I did not gain 10 pounds!

                      Plan a trip to Italy?  No, but I did go to London on business recently. 

                       Spend more quality time with my husband?  Oh yes, we have!

                       Complete home improvement projects both indoors and outdoors?   Halfway through and loving our home even more!

The point I am realizing is this.  Even if I have not reached all of my goals at this point, the halfway mark of the year allows me time to regroup and rethink them.  Some of the goals give me inspiration to get back on track to achieving them.  Others,  I am making solid progress on and will continue as planned, and a few…don’t seem as important to me now as they did back in January, so …I will either adjust or delete them from my list and, that’s fine as well.

The one goal that I am glad we got started on early is the improvements made to our backyard.  With our hectic business schedules, our backyard is a haven to come home to and enjoy with family and friends.  We much rather prefer grilling out at home versus fighting the crowded and expensive restaurants over the weekend.

Outdoor Living Brands know the value of enjoying the great outdoors from home.  Now that is a worthwhile goal for all families!