Recently I was in an art gallery when the owner of the gallery and I began chatting about the beautiful painting and sculptures that were on display.  She began to show me the difference lighting made on some of the pieces I admired the most.  She was not only an expert on art, she was an expert on lighting and revealed to me one of her best secrets for selling as many pieces as she did each year which was about twice as many as her competitors.  “So much has to do with the lighting” she remarked.  “If you want to bring out the best in the artist, then capture the beauty with proper lighting.”  She know what she was talking about and  invested in many different types of lighting in order to create just the right mood by the angles and intensity of the light she bathed each piece in depending on the mood each piece called out to her. “I search for the mood of each piece and then bring it honor be spotlighting this message with the correct lighting” said the gallery owner.

Several months ago while my mother was visiting us in Austin, TX she remarked how she loved the way many home owners in one particular neighborhood we were driving through “honored their trees”.  I asked what she meant and she said she loved how the landscaping and trees were beautifully bathed in light at night to make the homes and landscape appear as cherished pieces of art.  It was beautiful , and trees were indeed a remarkable thing to behold spotlighted against the night sky.

My friends at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives tell me that outdoor lighting provides not only beauty, but also added security as a deterrent to thieves and intruders.  It is not as inviting to trespass on a lighted property as it is onto one that is completely dark.  Who knew security would be turned into a beautiful work of art?   Like the art gallery owner, Outdoor Lighting Perspectives know how to bring out just the right mood of each property as a work of art to allow it to shine while also creating a safer environment as a side benefit.  A wonderful thing indeed!