Let’s face it, meeting friends for dinner in a restaurant is not quite what it is cracked up to be.  How many times do you find difficult parking, long waits, noise that is hard to talk over, and checks that do nothing but increase your anxiety? More often then you want to recall, right? The benefits of entertaining outdoors are many! Hosting a casual dinner in your backyard is a great idea and a much more relaxing way to go. It gives you and your friends a break from the stress and hassle of restaurant dining while enjoying the tranquil setting of your backyard at the same time.   When you move your venue to your backyard, it opens up a lot more possibilities to make your party relaxing, entertaining and stand out from the rest. There are numerous ways to spice up the party. To make your backward party a hit, use these simple tips.

Keep the menu simple.  Something delicious to grill, a tossed salad, yummy rolls, your favorite ice cream and your good to go.

Create a fun theme.  Example, ask each guest to bring their favorite childhood photo and swap funny stories about what you did as kids.

Pre-set the table on the deck. Again keep it simple, keep it inviting

Music sets the mood.  Keep it fun, festive, loud enough to notice … but not too loud to become distracting.

No Pests.  Don’t let mosquitos spoil the mood.  Call Mosquito Squad and they will keep them away from your yard throughout the year.

These are the ingredients I have found in the benefits of entertaining outdoors!