One of our employees at Outdoor Living Brands said something this morning that made me smile!  In a dialogue with some of our valued franchisees, he pointed out that if we are afraid to fail, we won’t grow. He said we can choose to do nothing and be immune from ever making a mistake (of course we might die from stagnation and/or decline) or we can choose to implement new things.  Sure, new ideas, new services and new programs (or a new career if you are thinking of investing in a franchise), may not be perfect immediately. However, if we make perfection our standard, we’d never move forward. Strive for it, but understand it’s unachievable.

This was pointed out by a member of our team in the IT department. As the overall leader of the business, this is an extremely gratifying sign that we have a team and a culture dedicated to growing and improving our businesses for the benefit of our franchisees. It brought a huge smile to my face and makes me quite proud of him and our team. There is a lesson for all of us in his statement – we must make the changes necessary to create the outcomes we want in our personal and business lives.