It is inevitable, change does happen.  Today was my daughter’s first day of school – Kindergarten is here.              Many children have faced this day, and most parents remember it well.  It seems the parents are far more apprehensive than are the children.  Why are we so afraid of change? “Don’t worry – you’ll do fine”, words of wisdom from mother to daughter, or perhaps I was trying to convince myself.  I can not believe my little girl is so grown up.  I remember thinking my mom was just so overly emotional when we went off to school that first day.  I know she only wanted what was best for us, and now she was allowing each of us to embark on a journey she could not control.  “Who will watch over her – make sure she eats, gets to the bathroom, and no one gives her a hard time?”  I suppose it is time to face reality – she can do all of those things herself – and, she will only get better at those things as time goes on.

Each of us have faced change and gotten better over time.  Do we always make the right decisions?  Of course not, nobody is perfect, and we all grow a little each time we stand and face the change and challenges coming our way.  How many of us have lost a job and thought “what will I do”?  Perhaps if we just had not gone to kindergarten, we would not be in this position . . . but, we did go, we learned, we grew, and we are better for having that experience.  We had the strength to take that step as a child, and have made many more in our lives.  Is now the right time to take that next step?

Stepping into the world of business ownership may make you apprehensive, but much like we had to take that step onto the bus, and away from Mom – the time may be right to step out of corporate America and into entrepreneurship.  If starting your own business was simple, everyone would do it.  Albeit difficult, the teacher may be closer than you think.  Consider a franchise opportunity.  Having someone to guide you down the path may make your journey a little less stressful.  Franchising offers success to aspiring new business owners with much lower risk.   Do not fear change, make it happen.  “Don’t worry, you’ll do fine.”