I continue to see people explore making changes in their lives throughout the year but after almost 25 years on being involved in franchising, there are two times during the year that often create a flurry of franchise inquiries.  In January as people reevaluate their lives in light of a new year, and also in September, once many have gotten their children settled back into school.

I believe both times are times for reflection. There is no denying that time continues to march on when we see another calendar year roll over or when we dry our tears in unbelief as a child enters kindergarten, high school, or college. “Where have the years gone?” is a common question we say to ourselves as if someone snatched years of time away right from under our noses. In my experience, these are times when we pause and begin to review what we are doing, how we are doing it, and wonder if there is a better way to spend our precious time.  And let’s face it, we spend a tremendous amount of our time in jobs that are necessary for paying the bills.  If your job is a career you love, then it is not a drain but a joy. If you happen to own your own business and find joy then it is even more rewarding.  You love what you do and you are building a wonderful thing that cannot be found in having a job;  this wonderful thing is called equity!

Far too often, I see people who are in jobs they hate that end up zapping their joy and excitement each and every day they show up to work.  We promise ourselves that one day we will take action for change but then life just continues to unfold without any real action taken.  But then a birthday, a new year, or the reality of seeing our child another year older heading off to school forces us to stop and take notice.

Many times, I have heard people say “All my life I dreamed about owning my own business, and I realize I am not getting any younger so if not now, when?”

Actually, there is seldom a wrong time to explore your options of business ownership if you’ve been thinking about it.  Perhaps it is the perfect time for you to begin on exciting journey to explore the possibilities?

What do you have to lose when exploring possibilities?  Nothing.

What could you gain?  An exciting new adventure that could wind up being one of the very best decisions you ever made!