Are you preparing for the holiday season?  Perhaps you are getting out those holiday lights.  Whether you think of a season as being dictated by weather, or events, we are all impacted by seasons.  As individuals, consumers, parents, homeowners, and business professionals, seasonality is something we all face.

Working as a Franchise Recruiting Specialist for Outdoor Living Brands, a very common question from potential franchisees is “How does seasonality affect your business?”  Stop and think for a moment the impact of seasonality on everything in our lives.  Few businesses are not impacted by seasonality.  Tax preparers are impacted by the “tax season”.  Bulk mailing companies and tourist destinations are impacted by the “vacation season”.  Toys retailers, gym memberships, and magazine gift subscriptions are highly impacted by the “holiday season”.   Construction companies are impacted by the “rainy and snow season”.  And lets not forget the hot chocolate companies – it is getting colder you know.  Teachers – the “school season” is in full swing.   Doctors and nurses prepare for the “flu” season.  Just how many seasons are there?

Whether dictated by weather, geographic location, employment, holidays, or vacations, there will always be a seasonality factor.  If everyone simply stopped what they were doing during the “off season”, nothing would ever get accomplished.  The best answer I can give anyone to the question “How does seasonality affect your business” . . . we spend our “off season” preparing for “next season”.  Perhaps Henry David Thoreau said it best “Live each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influences of each.”