Were you laid off?  Did “your company” downsize?  Are you struggling to find a job?  Are you saying – “I can not believe this is happening to me.”  “What am I going to do?”  “Where do I go from here?”  “What does this mean to my family?”  “Who do I know and where can I go for help?”  “Unemployment is just not going to cut it.”  “At least I have a severance package to help until I find something else.”  “Thank goodness I had put some money aside.”  Many people are facing the same dilemma you are.  With the October, 2009 nationwide unemployment rate at 10.2% and predicted to rise to 10.5% in November, 2009, looking for a job is much more difficult than it was earlier this year.  More companies are laying off employees and fewer companies are hiring.  On all levels, from the Executives to the Administrative Professionals, the impact has been wide spread.  The answer isn’t to look harder – the answer is to look smarter.

Step back from the emotional turmoil, and begin to analyze your options.  Do not fall into the trap of utilizing your savings, spending the money you received as severance, or exhausting your credit to stay on the same path.  What happens when your funds are depleted?  As a Franchise Recruiting Specialist for Outdoor Living Brands, many people contact me to discuss their options.  All too often, they wait until their ability to properly fund a business has passed them by.  “Had I known it was going to be this difficult to find something . . .”; “I got a decent severance package when my company down-sized, but I used it for living expenses – now the banks won’t even consider lending me money”; or “I’ve tapped out my credit trying to get through this, and I really need a job” – these are all too common themes.  Perhaps it is time to consider alternatives finding a replacement job.  If you are one of the lucky people who received a severance package, who has funds available in savings or a retirement account, or who has been mindful of their credit, why not invest that money in you? 

Now is the perfect time to take care of business – your own business.  There are some low initial investment opportunities out there that may be perfect for you.  Even better, there are low initial investment franchise opportunities out there that may be perfect for you.  A franchised business offers aspiring new business owners the opportunity to start their own business at a much lower risk.  A fine example of this is Mosquito Squad. Ask yourself this question – “How long can I sustain my current way of living if I do not find a job to replace the one I just left?”  If you want to be your own boss, be the decision maker, and not worry how other people’s decisions are going to impact your life tomorrow, take action now.  The answer isn’t to look harder – the answer is to look smarter.  Start your own business by utilizing what you have today – and invest into tomorrow.