I read a story in the Boston Globe a couple months ago about the lack of jobs for college graduates getting into the workforce. There are thousands of bright-eyed, entrepreneur-minded, young adults just starving to become successful in the current economy and without the ability to do so.

 Some of these folks are going back to school for their Master’s or Doctorate, mostly because they are waiting for the economy to turn around, but a select few are taking a different path. Many parents are beginning to invest in low cost franchise concept for their kids to become business owners. The idea is that for the same amount of money it would cost to send their son or daughter to get their graduate degree, they could be helping them in the real world with a new business that could create more opportunity than they dreamed of.

 The idea of hard working, young upstarts with the drive and the energy to get a small franchise business up and running has been gaining appeal. With the systems in place from the franchisor and new generation of people fully absorbed into the social media platform, these parents are able to provide something that many not only benefit they children, but generations to come.

Today's Students, Next Year's Entrepreneurs

 One of the businesses we represent, Mosquito Squad, is in that “low-investment franchise” category and a part of the Top 50 Low Cost Opportunities for 2009 by Franchise Business Review. With a home based business that has low overhead, a simple business model and low cost of entry, its not surprising that we are having younger entrepreneurs show an interest in this newer concept.

 As you are thinking about what to get your child this holiday season, think about what their goals are, after school, 5 and 10 years from now. Do they want to create a business that they can live off of, enjoy and one day sell or pass on? Are they majoring in marketing or business management and aren’t getting the job offers out of the gate? Then you may want to consider giving them the gift of entrepreneurial freedom.