When considering a franchise, our Mosquito Squad franchise owners have decided to go with us for a number of reasons. Typically the first reason is the same reason our customers want us… to protect their own family from mosquitoes. Whether it’s from the ever present nuisance aspect or the threat of harmful diseases spread by mosquitoes or ticks, the need is there. While we are always there to help entrepreneurial minded people in creating a viable business for themselves, combating mosquitoes on the frontline, here is a way for everyone to show the mosquito who’s the boss, without any of the red bug bites the next day!

Swat the Mosquito Here

Currently, some of the areas where we are looking for potential owners in 2010 are Connecticut (starting at the heart of Lyme disease country), Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Wisconsin, South Carolina and Texas to name a few. Almost all states are available right now in certain locations. If you are looking to start a business or are looking to add on to your existing business, check us out on YouTube at http://tinyurl.com/msquad2009, or to learn more or visit us at www.MosquitoSquad.com click on Franchise Opportunities.