The middle of January is here, and I have heard many people say “I am so sick and tired of this snow”.  Many areas have seen an increase in snow fall this year.  Just before Christmas, a snow storm hit the town where my parents and sister live, dumping over 18 inches of snow in less than 24 hours.  This in turn knocked down power lines and left many people without electricity for a number of weeks.  The snow was immediately followed by a record breaking period of consecutive days with temperatures below freezing.

For those in the community who relied on electricity as their sole source of heat, scrambling to find alternatives became a serious matter.  The hardship that was brought on by Mother Nature truly reeked havoc.  For all of those who stated “I wish we could have a white Christmas”, they got their wish, but are now the very people saying “I am so sick and tired of this snow”.  Their perception of what they thought they wanted changed drastically due to the inconvenience and hardship it brought.

Perhaps it isn’t the snow that is bothering us.  Perhaps it is the way we are viewing it.  When you are “stuck inside” and can’t enjoy the beauty provided by Mother Nature, your frame of mind quick changes.  Reflect for a moment on the days you have spent indoors due to rain or excessively hot days.  You want to have that feeling of open space, but don’t want to endure all that Mother Nature has to offer.

As season’s change, perhaps changing our “point of view” is a better alternative.  Imagine evenings watching the snow fall around you while you stay warm cuddled by a fireplace.  Imagine rain falling softly around you, bringing our lawns and landscaping back to life.  Imagine those days with temperatures soaring while you lounge comfortably in your climate controlled environment.  Sounds a little too good to be true doesn’t it?  Well, it’s not.  If your “point of view” comes from the beautiful addition of a sunroom, like the one in this photo provided by Archadeck, the beauty of Mother Nature’s handy work is spectacular.

Isn’t it time to “change your point of view” and see snow in a different light?