Have you ever watched a skilled craftsman at work in their trade?  You stand there watching this person utilizing their skills and talents to make something work.  As you watch this person, you begin to think “that looks easy – I bet I could do that”.  You spend time thinking about how easy it looked to produce that end result, and before you know it, you are ready to try your hand at this task.

For many years, I worked in the finance/accounting and human resources field.  It is something that came quite easy for me.  Understanding the tasks at hand, scheduling those tasks, and making my job run as smoothly as possible was my goal and basically, my daily routine.  For ten years I worked in this role for one employer.  One day an opportunity came along to work in the same field, but with a different company.  I decided to open the door when opportunity knocked.  I notified my employer that I would be leaving the organization. 

Having watched me perform these duties for many years, my employer decided it would be easy to replace my services in that role.  I moved on and began my new career with the new employer.  A short-time later, I was approached by the former employer and asked if I could train my replacement.  Something I agreed to do without hesitation.  All of the sudden, the role I had filled for years was not viewed as “something anyone could do” anymore.

As my former employer quickly came to realize, there was a great deal to be said for someone who could not only complete the tasks they were assigned, but manage an entire process with few or no stumbles along the way.  Help was needed, sought, and given by someone with the experience to make things work.  Systems and processes are developed, implemented, refined and taught or handed down. 

This same scenario happens often with entrepreneurs.  They see a successful business owner making their business look easy – and they try to duplicate it.  If the entrepreneur is lucky enough not to fall on their face to many times, they may actually succeed.  However, there is a much easier way.  Franchising offers success to aspiring new business owners with much lower risk.  Take advantage of the years of knowledge, systems and successes offered by a franchised business before you think “that looks easy – I bet I could do that”.