True marketing professionals are creative geniuses.  Recently, my daughter and I came into the office over the weekend to tie up a few loose ends.  Finding office work more than a bit boring, my daughter quickly became dissatisfied waiting for me to complete those dreaded tasks.

As she waited, she picked out a few pens and markers from my desk and began to color.  She was drawing pictures, coloring them, and leaving them for my co-workers as surprises.  As I watched her for a moment, I remembered receiving a notification from Outdoor Living Brands’ award winning marketing team that the Dread Skeeter coloring book was nearing completion.

 A quick search of my computer located a draft version of the piece.  I printed the book and gave it to her.  Her reaction was amazing.  She was so excited to see the character that she had seen in mommy’s office depicted in “a real-life coloring book”.  She sat quietly, which for a five year old is quite a feat, for over an hour, coloring and looking at the pictures.

When she finished coloring, she came over and went through each page telling me what she saw and the story that she felt went along with each picture.  Her enthusiasm and excitement with the coloring book took my attention away from the tasks I was endeavoring to complete.  All of the sudden Dread Skeeter and the Mosquito Squad story were taking center stage.

What creative geniuses the marketing professionals at Outdoor Living Brands are.  By providing a piece of material to a child, they drew the attention of the parent to their product.  These coloring books will be available from the Mosquito Squad Franchisee’s websites.  Their customers can download these coloring books for their children, family members, or visitors.  The Franchisee’s can provide a copy to potential customers at daycare centers, schools, libraries, etc.  True marketing professionals, like the award winning team at Outdoor Living Brands, are truly creative geniuses – My hats off to each of you.