With Outdoor Lighting Perspectives adding an LED line to our eco-friendly, low voltage exclusive line of fixtures, I thought it was important to note other positive eco-friendly lighting happenings in the US. Time Magazine was doing some “Top 50” Lists for 2009 and this made it into the Top 50 Inventions for 2009. There are some other green ideas that came out last year from superior Solar Shingles to carbon footprint tracking….

With the flick of a switch, Philips Electronics may have just dramatically lowered America’s electric bill. In September the Dutch electronics giant became the first to enter the U.S. Department of Energy’s L Prize competition, which seeks an LED alternative to the common 60-watt bulb. Sixty-watt lights account for 50% of the domestic incandescent market; if they were replaced by LED bulbs, the U.S. could save enough electricity per year to light 17.4 million households. If they win the L Prize, they will claim a cash award and federal purchasing agreements worth about $10 million. The LED bulb emits the same amount of light as its incandescent equivalent but uses less than 10 watts and lasts for 25,000 hours — or 25 times as long.