Want to have people over for an afternoon of fun outdoors?  If your child is like mine, he/she loves to invite friends over to play in the pool.  Typically this means a few friends for them to entertain and a few parents for you to entertain – time to toss a few burgers, hotdogs, and steaks on the grill.  Sounds simple enough, but what you may find is little time is spent enjoying the afternoon and much time is spent running in and out of the house getting the food ready.

You pull out the cooler and stock it with ice and drinks.  Perhaps you should have two coolers, one by the pool and one by the deck.  Back inside to get the meat ready for grilling and back into the refrigerator for holding.  Get a few side dishes going on the stove, and make sure there are adequate supplies of paper plates, napkins, and utensils.  People begin to arrive and you welcome them into your home.  Exchange a few pleasantries and show them to the backyard.  As additional guests arrive, the parade in and out continues.

Fire up the grill and let the true procession begin.  If you are the sole person responsible for bringing everything out of your home to the entertaining area, you are going to make a number of trips in and out ensuring everything needed to prepare and serve gets to the proper place and on-time.  By the time all chores are complete and you finally get the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of your labor, you are exhausted.  The amount of time you actually get to spend with your guests is limited, and clean up hasn’t even begun.

It would be so nice if all the appliances, storage, and preparation areas were outside.  You could be enjoying the time with your guest through-out the process and not feel trapped inside while everyone else is enjoying the great outdoors.  Archadeck has already thought of this, and launched their “Outdoor Kitchens” program.  Whether you are looking for a grill or a complete kitchen, they have something to offer.  Beverage centers, motorized rotisseries, sinks, dishwashers, infrared backburners, storage, integrated seating . . . the list goes on and on.  Apparently, when it comes to outdoor structures, Archadeck does have everything . . . including the kitchen sink.