There are thousands of franchise offerings for you to choose from, but not all are good opportunities.  In many instances you will find there are leaders and there are followers.  With a bit of research into a franchise, you can determine if you are considering being a part of a leading franchise concept or a following franchise concept.

Leadership characteristics are apparent and can not be falsified or stolen.  At Outdoor Living Brands, we look for franchisees who exhibit leadership qualities – those who lead by example and attract those who take ownership and accountability for all that they do.  Leaders can admit when they are wrong or in error; leaders solve problems instead of working around them; leaders are visionaries – striving to do better instead of pointing out that they are better than some or most; leaders listen and learn rather than trying to impress others by talking and searching for or pointing out flaws.  

Many have suffered the wrath of the follow or “glory grabber”.  When a leader determines there is a better way of completing a task, and begins the quest of determining that correct path, a follower lingers in the background until the leader is finished and rushes to present the idea as their own.  Followers are constantly looking for ways to take other’s ideas and present them as their own.  Some may even admit to “borrowing” an idea – perhaps an attempt to justify their lack of creativity or masking questionable ethical behavior. 

What happens when a follower is tasked with making improvements, explaining a concept, or “taking it to the next level”?  Phrases we are all too familiar with begin to rear their ugly heads . . . “It’s the way we’ve always done it”; “That’s the way it’s always been” or the dreaded “I only work here”.  When you are considering franchise concepts, take the time to determine if this concept and franchisor is a leader or a follower.  Leaders will be setting the standards and blazing the path to the future – followers will always be playing catch up or riding on the coat tails of the successful. 

All men may be created equal, but not all franchise concepts are.