Have you considered or are you embarking on the path of franchising?  As franchise candidates move through the process of selecting the right concept for their endeavor, often they request, or are required by the franchisor, to speak with Franchisees for the “validation” process.

Franchisees are a great source of “front line” information regarding the franchise business that you are exploring.  As you are considering which franchisees you would like to speak with, do a little soul searching, be realistic with yourself and determine what you truly want to learn from these people.

Pessimists are typically looking for Franchisees that are struggling or who have failed in the past.  Are they looking for reasons not to enter the business, or perhaps they are looking for guidance that will keep them from making the same mistakes.  By doing this, they are aligning themselves with underachievers.  Human nature for underachievers is to look for some one or some thing to blame for their under performance, and typically aren’t following the systems of the franchise.

Optimists are typically looking for mid level to top performers.   The optimist is looking for secrets of success and is looking to mimic the results of the successful.  They want to align themselves with people of similar traits and characteristics.  They are looking for a mentor, a wise and trusted counselor or teacher who will help them rise to success.  Successful Franchisees are proud of their accomplishments, are leaders in the franchise community, and typically have a proven track record of following the systems of the franchise to top.

Franchisors should encourage you to speak with a wide range of individuals in their system so that you are truly validating the business.  Keep in mind however, establishing rapport with top performers early in the process of franchising may allow the opportunity for a mentoring relationship that can help you to be successful.